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Welcome to Bancobras Inc

We are a private equity firm focused on various sectors. For years we have been helping businesses develop and manage their assets. We provide companies and businesses with the information they need to make smart investment decisions and get a high return on investment (ROI).

We've got experience

Our employees are experts in the industry with a lot of experience on precious stones, mining and investment. They possess a wide range of knowledge about relevant subjects like how to conduct careful analysis on a commodity, how to strategize and structure finances properly, how to help companies manage their portfolio, exploration of the earth and consideration of important factors like political risks and capital markets.

We invest in businesses with bright futures

We take our investor’s money and put them in metal projects. We invest in businesses with bright futures and potential to expand exponentially. Every project we invest money in has to be profitable and not cost a lot. We also ensure that the projects we get involved in are managed by committed and talented individuals. All investments we make are long term investments. We are actively involved in the management process of the projects we invest in by regularly communicating with the firms, analyzing their performance and results, and advising them on the business decisions they take.

We are trustworthy

Our clients trust us to build strong and successful businesses for them. We carry out a careful analysis of their business and deliver to them financial solutions that are customized specifically for their company and guaranteed to produce a fine return on investment. Every business we have worked with has given a positive review about our services.

Our Locations

Corporate Headquarters
One World Trade Center
Suite 8500
New York, NY 10007
T: ‭(212) 203-0988‬

1 Maiden lane 5th floor
New York, NY. 10038
T: (929)262-0505

1840 Coral Way 4th floor
Miami. Fl. 33145
T: (786)634-5858

Bolsa de Valores,
XV de Novembro Plaza, 20
5th floor, Suite 502,
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 20010
T: +55 21 2042-3806

Rothschild Center 12th floor
Rothschild boulevard 22
Tel Aviv, Israel 6688218
T: +972 233741730

Standard Chartered Tower
Level 5, Emaar Square
Burj Khalifa, Dubai
T: +971 4 313 4444

165 Broadway
23rd floor
NY, NY. 10006
T: (347)966-2662

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