Specialists in Mining

Bancobras is a specialist in mining and partners with companies to build strong, successful and sustainable businesses that strive to produce superior returns for all stakeholders.

Bancobras’s management team consists of individuals with extensive commercial and technical experience in the mining industry. They typically have undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in mining, finance or law. Collectively, Bancobras’s investment professionals have work experience in all of the key mining and finance-related disciplines, including:

  • Geology and Geo-statistics
  • Mining engineering in both open pit and underground applications
  • Metallurgical engineering
  • Process engineering and plant design
  • Marketing of intermediate and finished mineral products
  • Project development, including construction and start-up
  • Project finance for resource projects
  • Investment banking for mineral-related companies
  • Legal matters, including permitting and title issues
  • Financial and valuation analysis of mineral-related companies
  • Country and political risk assessment
  • Public equity markets
  • Public company board of director issues

Bancobras has experience in building management teams specifically suited to develop and operate assets and has the resources and networks to source top talent from around the world. As mining specialists, in addition to providing financing, Bancobras has the financial expertise to actively guide a mining company’s management team through the process of raising capital in the public equity and project financing markets.

Confidentiality Aggrement

Upon execution of a Confidentiality Aggrement, our team will commence a due diligence process, including an initial desktop review and evaluation of resource estimates, metallurgy, marketing and financial modeling.

Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is generally the initial part of the investment process review. Bancobras recognizes that every project is unique and it is necessary to understand all aspects, including the technical opportunities and challenges. While primarily using its internal teams to conduct due diligence, Bancobras also engages external experts, as needed, to address specific issues in greater detail.

Risk Opportunity / Assessment

Bancobras understands that many risks are subjective in nature and difficult to capture in a financial model. The firm uses an established risk assessment process to identify risks according to their potential impact and their likelihood of occurring. Bancobras then considers how these risks might be turned into opportunities to enhance the value of the project.

Commercial and Legal Terms

Bancobras’s investment professionals conduct a comprehensive financial analysis of the project and company, typically including:

  • Cash flow models
  • A market valuation analysis
  • A security valuation
  • A review of the structural and/or policy aspects of a specific commodity

Bancobras typically performs the cash flow analysis on an after-tax basis. This requires a thorough understanding of the specific tax regime of the country in which the project is located.

Stochastic Modeling Valuation

Bancobras’s management team creates detailed financial models for each proposed Bancobras investment and uses a risk software to perform Stochastic Modeling, including Monte Carlo simulation. This modeling provides a better understanding of risk elements.

Environmental, Social and Governance Integration

As a mining-focused private equity firm, Bancobras understands the inherent risks associated with mining. As part of its investment analysis and risk management strategy, Bancobras integrates ESG matters into its due diligence process and ownership activities, which it believes contributes to the improvement of long-term returns and more sustainable businesses.

We engage actively

Bancobras actively engages with its portfolio companies throughout the investment process and encourages them to implement responsible mining and ESG practices into their business systems. Bancobras regularly reviews ESG performance and works with portfolio companies to ensure strategies are in place to mitigate ESG risks and recognize related opportunities.

We make responsible investment

Bancobras became a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in 2013. Bancobras continuously works to strengthen and improve its responsible investment practices by working with industry specialists, tracking ESG trends and fulfilling its annual PRI reporting requirements.

Bancobras Responsible Investment Policy

Bancobras maintains a Responsible Investment Policy and Strategy which promote sustainable business practices by encouraging active management of ESG issues throughout the investment process.

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