How it works


There are two ways to invest with Bancobras Inc.

  • $10,000 minimum per deal
  • Commitment for 10 deals
  • Guaranteed allocation
  • Automatically build and diversify your portfolio
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Invest Manually
With single, one-time investments
  • $50,000 minimum per deal
  • Single-deal commitment
  • No allocation preference
  • Manually select which investments to make and how many

Either way you choose to invest, you’ll have access to the same institutionally-underwritten opportunities, returns, performance metrics, and potential liquidity through Bancobras Inc. Secondary Market.

The process is straightforward.

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1Explore and Invest

Request a list of every opportunity available for investment, with full offering materials available for review. Our investments team is always available to answer questions.

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2Fund and Close

Upon confirming your investment amount you will be asked to sign an agreement. You will fund your investment via wire transfer to an escrow bank.

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3Track and Manage

You receive quarterly transaction-level reporting. Cash distributions will be transferred back to your bank account.


How frequently are Bancobras Inc. transactions available for investment?

We focus on quality over quantity. Our senior team invests in every transaction we pursue, which instills both patience and alignment. We are constantly reviewing opportunities but only act on the small subset we find compelling. As such, only a small number of investments may be available at any given time.

What is the minimum investment?

We typically call for a minimum investment of $50,000 per transaction. Our investors can range from qualified individuals through larger groups and institutions committing more sizeable amounts. Investors also have the ability to invest at lower per-deal minimums through a Bancobras Inc. Managed Portfolio commitment. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more.

When and how will I receive distributions?

Distributions are typically made quarterly from available operating cash flow and are deposited into investors’ bank accounts. Size and timing of distributions depend on the business plan and performance of each investment.

What if I want to diversify my investment across multiple transactions?

Bancobras Inc. offers Managed Account and Managed Portfolio options that provide diversified allocation across transactions within a defined set of parameters. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more.

How are Bancobras Inc.’s investments structured?

Investments are typically structured as limited partnerships. For each investment, we enter into a joint venture with an operating partner, who invests alongside us in the transaction and is responsible for day-to-day management of the property. We serve as the major capital provider assume responsibility for oversight, reporting, and major decisions on behalf of our investors. As an investor you will own an LP interest in the Bancobras Inc. Investor Limited Partnership.

What size transactions does Bancobras Inc. pursue?

We typically pursue transactions requiring a minimum equity investment of $15mm. We utilize prudent leverage at the property level, in an amount and form that we believe is accretive to each opportunity.

What is Bancobras Inc.’s typical hold period?

Our investment horizon varies by opportunity but a typical business plan assumes a 3-7 year hold period. Investors may have the potential to sell investments after a one year regulatory hold period through Bancobras Inc. Secondary Market.

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