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Long-Term Patient Investor

Bancobras provides patient capital and remains committed to strategies irrespective of short-term commodity or equity price fluctuations. We provide an affordable, discrete and stable funding alternative to the public equity markets. Bancobras investors include organizations such as university endowments, foundations, charitable trusts and other institutions. We have no redemption pressure and have committed funds available for up to 10 years.

Innovative and Flexible Funding

  • Bancobras provides financing for acquisitions, growth and working capital tailored to the strategic goals of each company.
  • We employ a range of investment styles and work with management teams to structure transactions that reflect the risks and opportunities associated with each company.
  • We use flexible and diverse investment instruments including equity, convertible debt, bridge loans, mezzanine financings, direct project interests and royalties.
  • Bancobras makes investments of as little as $1M and up to $300M (or more via its co-investment network) in single or multiple tranches overtime.

First Hand Industry Experience

Bancobras’s team has in-depth knowledge of diverse operational environments, commodities and industry dynamics. With extensive experience in the development, construction and operation of mining assets, Bancobras has made investments in more than 130 private and public mining companies across abroad range of minerals, stages of development and geographic locations. Complemented by deep technical, financial, legal and market expertise, our team members have lived and worked globally and have held more than 50 board positions across eight exchanges.

Access to Extensive Global Networks

Bancobras’s investment lends credibility to the value proposition of portfolio companies and provides access to extensive global networks.

  • Mining industry professionals
  • Capital markets contacts – equity and debt Investment banking and project finance
  • Co-investors
  • Off-take partners
  • Sourcing experienced board and management candidates to complement and enhance existing teams

Our Locations

Corporate Headquarters
One World Trade Center
Suite 8500
New York, NY 10007
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1 Maiden lane 5th floor
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1840 Coral Way 4th floor
Miami. Fl. 33145
T: (786)634-5858

Bolsa de Valores,
XV de Novembro Plaza, 20
5th floor, Suite 502,
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 20010
T: +55 21 2042-3806

Rothschild Center 12th floor
Rothschild boulevard 22
Tel Aviv, Israel 6688218
T: +972 233741730

Standard Chartered Tower
Level 5, Emaar Square
Burj Khalifa, Dubai
T: +971 4 313 4444

165 Broadway
23rd floor
NY, NY. 10006
T: (347)966-2662

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